What's On Wade's Podcast Playlist?

I listen to a lot of podcasts. A lot. If you've seen my past lists of podcast recommendations, like this 2015 Xconomy piece and this 2016 sequel and update, you know that my list of must-listen shows runs into the dozens.

Now there's an easier way for me to share shows and episodes that I especially like. It's the new personal playlist feature in the awesome podcatcher app from RadioPublic. I've used the feature to set up my own running playlist, which features great episodes that gave me new stuff to think about.

By the way, that's a "deep link" with special superpowers. If you have the RadioPublic app installed on your iOS or Android device, and you tap the link from that device, the app will open directly to my playlist. If you click it from a regular browser, you'll see a Web version of the page, with fewer cool features.

A few weeks back RadioPublic invited me to curate a Soonish-themed playlist, which we called News from the Future. That list still exists. But it was a custom job, built using RadioPublic's in-house tools. With their new personal playlist feature, which is part of a pending update to the app, anyone can build and share a playlist. That's what I've done, using a preview version of the updated app.

The playlist builder lets you add a short explanatory note when you add an episode to your list. So if you check out my playlist you'll get a sense of which recent episodes of my favorite shows have left the deepest impressions on me, and why. Here's the deep link again. Enjoy!