The Full Adam Salomone Interview

Adam Salomone. Photo courtesy of The Food Loft.

Adam Salomone. Photo courtesy of The Food Loft.

Presented for your enjoyment: the full tape of Soonish's interview with Adam Salomone. 

In Episode 1.05 of Soonish, Meat Without the Moo, Adam shares some perspectives on The Jackfruit Company, the startup Annie Ryu founded to introduce jackfruit to Western consumers. But the truth is I could have done a whole show just around my conversation with Adam.

He has an amazingly rich background in the food business, first as the longtime associate publisher of the cookbook publishing company Harvard Common Press (now part of the Quarto Group) and more recently as the co-founder and CEO of The Food Loft, a collaborative workspace in Boston for food and tech companies.

At Harvard Common Press, Adam helped to run an investment fund that invested in several foodtech companies, including the recipe search service Yummly and the restaurant delivery service Caviar, which went on to be acquired by Square. In other words, he's been watching foodtech companies and working with foodtech entrepreneurs for years. 

I went to visit Adam at the Food Loft in early November 2016, and we talked about why food startups and food innovation are in the midst of such a big boom right now. We zeroed in on startups offering protein and meat-substitute products from sources other than livestock, But it was a very broad ranging conversation that should be of interest to anyone in the food tech market.