WHYY's 'The Pulse' Features a Space Segment Adapted from Soonish

The Pulse, the weekly WHYY health and science show hosted by Maiken Scott, published a space-themed episode on July 21 called "Leap of Space."

The second segment of the show, '2001' Came and Went, But the Movie's Ideas Still Resonate, might sound familiar to Soonish listeners. It's a condensed version of Episode 1.01, How '2001' Got the Future So Wrong.

Staffers at The Pulse approached me about adapting the episode after they decided to do a space show and heard the Soonish episodes about 2001 and Astropreneurs. I said yes right away, of course. And working with them was a blast.

It was a challenge to squeeze a 33-minute episode down to about 6.5 minutes!  But with help from managing editor Taunya English, reporter Alan Yu, and Maiken Scott herself, I think we managed to capture the main ideas.

Other segments in "Leap of Space" cover advanced space propulsion technologies, space medicine, a communications snafu during the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission, attempts to bake bread in space, how astronauts deal with cramped quarters aboard the International Space Station, and the future of space tourism. The show will be broadcast on WHYY at 90.9FM in Philadelphia on Friday, July 21, at 9:00 am and on Sunday, July 23, at 12:00 pm. You can listen to my segment online here and you can subscribe to The Pulse's awesome podcast here.