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The Track Not Taken

3.02 | 11.09.18

The Meigs Elevated Railway—one of the world’s first monorail systems—looked like something out of a Jules Verne novel. But it was very real. Hear how nineteenth-century Bostonians missed their chance to build a steam punk utopia. READ MORE

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When Minds and Machines Converge

3.01 | 10.01.18

Can thought-power control the world outside our heads? Thanks to new brain-machine interface technology, the answer is yes. But the real question is whether it can it help us control the world inside our heads. READ MORE

The Future is Clear

2.07 | 02.27.18

What's ubiquitous but invisible, versatile yet temperamental, goopy when it's hot yet brittle when it's cold, as old as civilization yet as new as the screen of your smartphone? The answer is glass. READ MORE

Looking Virtual Reality in the Eye

2.06 | 01.05.18

The immersive, 3D environments of virtual reality aren’t science fiction any more, and they aren’t just for video games. In this episode we visit “The Enemy,” a groundbreaking VR exhibit about the psychology of war. READ MORE

Monorails: Trains of Tomorrow?

1.02 | 1.25.17

Monorails have big advantages over competing forms of mass transit, such as buses, subways, and light rail—so why are new monorail systems being built everywhere in the world except the United States? READ MORE

How ‘2001’ Got the Future So Wrong

1.01 | 1.11.17

‘2001: A Space Odyssey,’ now celebrating its 50th anniversary, was Hollywood’s most famous exercise in futurism. But by the time the actual year 2001 rolled around, only a few of Stanley Kubrick’s predictions had come true. Why not? READ MORE

Soonish takes its listeners ‘places where the future is crossing into the present,’ investigating how emerging technologies and trends are impacting our lives today — very up our alley.
— HUBweek Boston
Wade’s storytelling is so precise and thoughtful that you can just tell the guy has a PhD from MIT. It truly feels like he’s on an epic quest to discover the future and I’m along for the ride. You will literally be smarter just by listening!
— Alex Braunstein, Community Manager, PRX Podcast Garage
Soonish is a fascinating podcast about the future, technology, and the people shaping both. Every episode is a welcome infusion of informed optimism.
— David Assaf IV, listener