Our choices about technology bend the future in directions we can't always map in advance. But we can shine a light partway down the road.


1.04 Future factories, with workers built in

A cultural and technological revolution sweeping the United States promises to redefine manufacturing, make it drastically more accessible, and create a ladder to new kinds of jobs.

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1.02: Monorails: Trains of tomorrow?

Since the 1950s, monorails have been emblems of the future. And today they're being built everywhere in the world—except the United States. Soonish visited Seattle to find out why.

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1.03: Can technology save museums?

Attendance at art museums is in steep decline. Meet curators and educators who are helping museums in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Boston use technology to re-engage with visitors.

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1.01 How "2001" Got the future so wrong

In their quest for plausibility, Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke sweated every detail of 2001: A Space Odyssey. We ask why so few of the movie's predictions came true.

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Find out about the show and its creator, Wade Roush.

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