Check Out "Ventures," My New Column at Scientific American

I’m pleased to announce that in addition to producing Soonish, I’m now writing a monthly column for Scientific American, the nation’s oldest contnuously published magazine (launched in 1845). The column is called “Ventures,” and debuted in the February 2019 issue with a piece called You Don’t Need Tech Companies to Reboot Your City’s Economy.

That one grew out of my past coverage of innovation and startup ecosystems for publications like Xconomy. But often, the column will overlap with stories I’ve covered or plan to cover here at Soonish. The March 2019 column, Technology Is Upending How Music Is Made, riffs on some of the same ideas about the software revolution in music that I talked about in Soonish Episode 2.10, Making Music with Machines. And the April 2018 column, Machines That Mine Your Mind, is based directly on some of the reporting I did for Soonish Episode 3.01, When Minds and Machines Converge.

You can get a combind print and digital subscription to Scientific American for a very good price: $34.99 per year. Subscribe here and you won’t miss a single month of my column!