One Year of Soonish, Organized by Mood

Soonish went public one year ago today, at a big party at the PRX Podcast Garage.

It was only 12 months ago, but it feels like it was a different era. Barack Obama was president! No one had heard the term "alternative facts"! You could browse Twitter without fear of nuclear conflagration!

But as we barrel into an unknown future, buffeted every day by news that gets stranger and stranger, I've managed to stay sane in part by just doing the work and making the show. We need to think clearly about the future, now more than ever. Having the freedom to focus on where technology is going, one episode at a time, has been a huge joy and privilege. I'm so thankful to everyone who has listened to the show over the past 12 months and to everyone who has pitched in to make it possible, especially my Future Force supporters on Patreon.

To celebrate the milestone, I've made a little list of all the episodes to date, organized not by title or date but by mood. Click below to hear or re-hear an episode that matches up with how you're feeling.

I'm in a cosmic mood, ready to be wowed by astronomical events.

I'm feeling loving and charitable toward all my fellow beings.

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore.

I've always wondered how modern art got so strange.

I need some comic relief. Make me laugh!

I love that song from The Simpsons about the monorail.

I'm disappointed that we don't have flying cars and moon bases.

I'm frustrated with all my gadgets and apps; they aren't making my life better.

I'm wondering when Silicon Valley is going to start making cool things again.

I don't understand all the fuss about virtual reality.

I'm looking for great new podcasts to listen to.

I'm alarmed by our decaying infrastructure. Why can't we build new stuff?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up.

I'm wondering who this guy Wade is, anyway?

I'm bored at museums. I'd rather hang out on Instagram.

I'm worried that I'm going to lose my job to a robot.

* * *

Have fun, and buckle your seat belt—I have a feeling it's going to be a wild 2018.

Emoticon image from Freepik.