Just Can't Get Enough of Soonish and the Future? Here Are Some Other Great Podcasts About Technology & Innovation


I'm able to put out a new episode of Soonish every three to six weeks. For folks who love to think about the future, that's a long time to wait!

To help tide you over, I've made a list of other podcasts and radio shows about science, technology, innovation, and the future that you might like.

I aim to keep adding to this list. If you have a favorite future-oriented show that's not shown here, let me know!

Exponent, from Ben Thompson (of Stratechery) and James Allworth

Flash Forward, from Rose Eveleth

For Future Reference, from the Institute for the Future

FutureProofing, from BBC Radio 4

Future Tense, from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Future Thinkers, from Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova

Ideo Futures, from the design and consulting firm Ideo

If Then, from Slate

Innovation Hub, from WGBH

Note to Self, from WNYC Studios

The Pulse, from WHYY

Radiolab, from WNYC

Review the Future, from Ted Kupper and Jon Perry

Science Vs., from Gimlet Media

Transistor, from PRX