News from the Future: A Podcast Playlist on RadioPublic

Photo by Lucia Prosperi

Photo by Lucia Prosperi

Special Update, June 6, 2017: My "News From the Future" playlist is back in the featured rotation on RadioPublic this week! You can find it here. (The link works best from an iPhone or Android phone with RadioPublic already installed.)

Original Post, January 25, 2017: I've been working on something special with the fine folks at RadioPublic, a Boston-based startup that's creating new ways for people to find and hear great podcasts.

One of the unique features of RadioPublic's app (available for both iOS and Android) is a constant supply of fresh playlists curated by "tastemakers." I guess I'm one of those now! RadioPublic invited me to make a future-themed playlist for them, and I was thrilled to follow through.

Starting yesterday (January 24) and for the coming week, News from the Future is one of five featured lists within the app, alongside terrific lists from Gimlet co-founder Matt Lieber, radio producer Veronica Simmonds, The Audit (a podcast recommendation newsletter), and audio artist John Tjhia.

My list points to other shows that have inspired me as I've embarked on my own podcasting adventure. Within each show, I've singled out episodes that explore various aspects of the future.

To experience the playlist in its full glory, you'll need to download RadioPublic app to your iOS or Android device. Then, if you tap the link above from your device (here it is again), the app will open directly to my playlist.

The list includes a custom audio intro from yours truly, and then guides listeners to some of my favorite future-related episodes from 99% Invisible, Flash Forward, Imaginary Worlds, Inquiring Minds, Longform, Note to Self, Open Source with Christopher Lydon, Outside/In, and, naturally, Soonish.

Give it a whirl! And while you're at it, explore other areas of the app—there's a ton of great audio to discover. RadioPublic's Lauren Bacon has put together a compilation of all of RadioPublic's playlists so far. And for more about RadioPublic, you can listen to this intriguing episode of The Pub, Current's podcast about public media. Host Adam Ragusea interviews RadioPublic CEO Jake Shapiro and and chief product officer Matt McDonald about their thoughts on the podcasting ecosystem and their goals for the RadioPublic app.