Soonish is a podcast about the future: How we think and talk about it, what we can do to shape it, and why our best forecasts—and our worst fears—are usually wrong.


the Mission

Soonish brings you stories about real people inventing and using the emerging technologies that will reshape our world. 

The future is never easy to predict, especially in a time of climate volatility, festering economic unease, and dramatic political upheavals around the world.

But the one thing we can depend on is change itself. Since the First Industrial Revolution in the 18th century—and accelerating with the Second in the 19th and the Third in the 20th—improvements in technology have been the biggest force reshaping people's lives.

We can't be sure where technology will take us in the 21st century. But the more carefully we consider the possibilities now, the more easily we'll be able to bend the future toward desirable outcomes—and away from catastrophic ones.  


THE stories

Each episode of Soonish explores a niche of our culture or our economy where technological advances will change our lives in tangible ways or force us to make important decisions as citizens, consumers, or voters.

In the first season you'll hear shows about

  • what happens when movie directors try to get the future right, but fail
  • why monorails are a neglected but still promising form of urban transit
  • how technology can improve the museum-going experience
  • how entrepreneurs are working to create skilled factory jobs in an age of automation
  • who's working to develop and market substitutes for meat from vertebrates
  • why the next phase of space exploration is being led by private companies.


how to Be part of it

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What people are saying about Soonish

Wade’s storytelling is so precise and thoughtful that you can just tell the guy has a PhD from MIT. I love his ambitious approach to the show, which is remarkably produced by a team of one. It truly feels like he’s on an epic quest to discover the future and I’m along for the ride. You will literally be smarter just by listening!—Alex Braunstein, Community Manager, PRX Podcast Garage, Five Local Podcasts To Try for #Trypod

I listened to all your episodes so far over the past few days and I just finished "Meat Without the Moo." I'm so impressed! The stories you're telling are fascinating, production quality is super high and I find the optimistic tone extremely refreshing.—Daniel Imrie-Situnayake, founder and CEO, Tiny Farms

Wow! This is like an NPR show. It's like This American Life, except I'm not depressed at the end of it. —Chris Revill, @letschatpodcast

Such a fan of the newish @soonishpodcast, by a Boston-area audiophile and friend. Listen, love it, etc.@nicktheandersen

Great podcast! Technology cannot replace seeing art or artefacts in person, but can help entice ppl in the door. #GLAM@nenieb

Awesome podcast about tech and the soonish future@TechCompassion

Discover Soonish—a transporting podcast program about the future, created by @MITPSTS alum @wroush@MIT_SHASS

@soonishpodcast Love your work - so looking forward to new episodes. A great recommendation from @RadioPublic!@bmason

Just discovered the crisp, freshly new @soonishpodcast by @wroush, who I've been eagerly following for several years now. Stoked!@kelltrill

Interested in the future? Check out the terrific new @soonishpodcast from @wroush@ClammrApp

What's better, the joy of conversation with @wroush, or being a part of this great episode? Why not both?@thelonelypalette

Fascinating episode on advanced manufacturing, jobs, and America's place in the world.@gthuang

Ordinarily, shows about the future of factories involve drone delivery services and a spike in unemployment. This episode addresses the positive potentials of reimagining manufacturing—a world in which skilled workers create customized products using high-tech tools that are increasingly available to the average individual. In short, robotizing the assembly line could actually be a good thing.Bello Collective #28, February 27, 2017

Let's Chat with Chris Revill and Friends—Wade was the guest on the April 4, 2017 edition of this talk show hosted by Providence, RI-based podcaster Chris Revill. The conversation stretched from space to AI to the business of podcasting and newspaper journalism.

Pod Nods for January 16, 2017—Soonish won a ribbon for "Most Creative Editing" in this new, weekly column of shout-outs from the Canadian podcasting studio & community Sounds Like an Earful.

What's Gimlet co-founder Matt Lieber listening to?—My own future-themed podcast playlist, News from the Future, is one of five lists featured this week by RadioPublic, makers of a great new app for finding and following podcasts. More details here.

Lowenstein's Lens on Wireless—Mark Lowenstein of the consulting firm Mobile Ecosystem plugged Soonish in a February 2017 issue of his newsletter. He called me "one of the foremost science/tech journalists, and a true thought leader." Geez, thanks Mark!


For more info

If you'd like to write about the show or help spread the word, check out the Soonish Swipe File. It's a public document on Google Drive containing relevant links, logos, social media handles, and some pre-written copy that you are welcome to adapt and share.


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