Soonish Celebrates Launch Day at the PRX Podcast Garage

Friend and supporters of Soonish came out in force to help celebrate the release of the Soonish pilot episode last Friday, January 13, 2017. Slide show below!

The party featured a live performance of sections of the pilot by yours truly, along with a fantastic spread of food prepared by my wonderful mom, Patricia Bates Roush. Folks from all over the Boston podcasting, media, and university communities attended, including old friends from Xconomy, MIT, and the Boston Globe.

The kind folks at PRX let us hold the event at the PRX Podcast Garage in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, just across the Charles River from the Harvard campus. The Podcast Garage is a new recording studio and educational hub dedicated to promoting audio storytelling. I've attended numerous events there since they opened last August, and it's a fantastic resource for the local radio and podcasting community.

Thank you to everyone who came out to learn about the show. Spreading the word is the hardest part about getting a new podcast off the ground, and I now have an enormous head start.

The photos below are by Graham Gordon Ramsay and Paul Roush. All captions are in left-to-right order.