ScoutSomerville Digs Soonish and the Sonic Soirée

It was fun to learn this week that Soonish was mentioned alongside other Cambridge- and Somerville-based podcasts and radio productions in a magazine feature about the Sonic Soirée, the monthly potluck and critique session for Boston-area audio makers. The piece is in the July-August issue of ScoutSomerville, the free bi-monthly.

I've been going to Sonic Soirées for a couple of years now, and I was at the May gathering when Scout freelancer Adrianne Mathiowetz showed up to do research for her story.

The real star of the story was my friend and colleague Tamar Avishai, maker of the awesome art history podcast The Lonely Palette (and one guest in Soonish Ep. 1.03, Can Technology Save Museums?).

But Adrianne also kindly talked about me and Soonish. She called me a "tall, gentle personality in a button-up shirt and rectangular glasses" and described Soonish as "a podcast that takes a more philosophical angle toward analyzing developing technologies, discussing how they're forcing us to make decisions and shaping our world." All quite fair!

Also featured were host Amy Bracken, Soirée organizer Daniel Gross of PRI's The World; Soirée regulars Galen Beebe, Sarah Birnbaum, Shannon Heaton (maker of Irish Music Stories), and Kip Clark (maker of Stride and Saunter); and newbies Tammy Padina and Olivia Deng.