Chatting About Space, Robots, and Journalism with Fellow Podcaster Chris Revill

At a "Maker Mingle" event at the PRX Podcast Garage a couple of months ago, I made a new podcasting acquaintance: Chris Revill of Providence, RI. He makes an interview show called Let's Chat with Chris Revill and Friends. It's part of the Core Temp Arts podcast network.

Soon after the Podcast Garage event, Chris invited me to be a guest on the show, and last week he published the resulting episode, which you can hear here. The conversation was fun and wide-ranging. We talked about everything from why I started Soonish to the evolving culture and business of podcasting to the state of newspaper journalism, the rationale for human voyages into space, and whether we should worry about an AI apocalypse (spoiler: we shouldn't). Check it out!