The 50+5 List

As an alum at Xconomy I have the title "contributing editor" and a standing invitation to write guest columns. In December 2015 I wrote a piece called The Best Podcasts of 2015: A Guide for New Listeners, and last week the folks at the site called up to see if I wanted to update the list for 2016.

"Of course," I said, "as long as you'll let me plug one important up-and-coming podcast of 2017."

They agreed, and the new list is up. It's called 50 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To—And 5 New Ways to Find Them. The bonus 51st podcast is Soonish. I also included some information about the newest apps for discovering and managing podcasts, including 60dB, RadioPublic, Overcast, Castro, and NPR One.

I'm not arguing that these are the 50 best podcasts in existence, though many of them are at that level. In essence, the article is a rundown of my current subscription list in the iOS Podcasts app.

There are many great shows that don't fit my eclectic interests. I'm not a huge fan of comedy podcasts, how-to/motivational shows, or pure banter shows (with one exception). My tastes run toward longform, narrative-driven, storytelling shows. It's no coincidence that I want Soonish to be that type of show.

I hope you'll check out the whole list—and feel free to disagree or add your own suggestions.