Creating a Collective

There's an overwhelming supply of amazing audio content out there. Which is great for listeners—but it means that individual shows, especially those that aren't affiliated with big networks or public media stations, must work harder to rise above the noise and reach their natural audiences.

In October 2017, the makers of three Boston-based podcasts—The Lonely Palette, Ministry of Ideas, and Soonish—teamed up to create Hub & Spoke, a new collective of high-quality, independent, idea-driven podcasts. In December 2017 we added our first show from outside Boston, Hi-Phi Nation. And in June 2018 we welcomed Culture Hustlers and Iconography to the collective.

We believe that art, science, arguments, ideas, and sound have the power to change the world. And our mission is to help our indie podcast members grow their own shows through cross-promotion and mutual support.

The faster a a bicycle wheel spins, the more stable it becomes. By teaming up, we think we can help all of our member shows reach higher rotational velocity and go farther.

Read our launch press release here and Iisten to Soonish Episode 2.015 for an audio introduction to Hub & Spoke. Check out Hub & Spoke's full site for more information about all of our shows. Interested in applying to join? Contact us at