2.02 | 10.13.17

Big news! Soonish is a founding member of Hub & Spoke, a Boston-centric collective of smart, idea-driven podcasts. We've joined with the art history podcast The Lonely Palette and the new philosophy-and-culture show Ministry of Ideas to celebrate independent audio storytelling and the power of art, science, arguments, and ideas to change the world.

In this episode I'm thrilled to share the first episode from Ministry of Ideas, “The Shape of History.” The show is hosted by Zachary Davis and produced by Nick Andersen, Pallavi Kottamasu, and Virginia Marshall, and the pilot they created looks at how people in different periods and cultures have visualized history. And it asks whether movements for change like the Dakota Access Pipeline protest might succeed more often if we understood time not as a circle or an arrow, but an unbreakable chain linking past, present, and future generations.

Take a listen! And then subscribe to Ministry of Ideas on Apple Podcasts or at ministryofideas.org.

What's Hub & Spoke, you ask? Well, it's a multilayered name that refers to

  1. A famous remark by Oliver Wendell Holmes, who, in his 1858 book The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table, called the Massachusetts State House in Boston "the hub of the solar system"

  2. Spoken-word audio storytelling, our chosen medium

  3. The architecture of the collective, with a central group of founding shows based in Boston and a forthcoming set of shows based in other cities.

We stand for compelling storytelling built around strong ideas, with high production quality, skillful sound design, and compelling hosts. We support one another through co-promotion and a free exchange of editing and business advice and professional (and emotional!) support. We take inspiration from the success of pioneering podcast collectives such as Radiotopia and The Heard.

For more information about the collective, please visit hubspokeaudio.org.

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Soonish theme by Graham Gordon Ramsay

Southside by Lee Rosevere from the album Music for Podcasts 4

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Special Thanks

It's been an honor and a privilege (and just a lot of fun) to work with Tamar Avishai from The Lonely Palette and Zach Davis and Nick Andersen from Ministry of Ideas on spinning up Hub & Spoke. I'm also grateful for the support and advice we've received from other folks in the Boston-area media and podcasting communities, including Kerri Hoffman, CEO of PRX; Jake Shapiro, CEO of RadioPublic; Dante Ramos, Ideas editor at The Boston Globe; Alex Braunstein, community manager at the PRX Podcast Garage; and Kate Kroschell at AIR. Nikkita Cohoon devised the Hub & Spoke logo and helped us make the new website beautiful.

Our Sponsor

Support for the first two seasons of Soonish was from Kent Rasmussen Winery. Since 1986, Rasmussen has been famous for their purely poetic Pinot Noir, grown in the cool mists of the Carneros region of Napa Valley. And under the companion Ramsay label they offer superior-quality North Coast Pinot Noir, Merlot, Petite Sirah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay at a wonderful price. Ask for Rasmussen and Ramsay wines at fine restaurants and stores in 29 states. For more information, visit kentrasmussenwinery.com.

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