Soonish is a listener-supported show.

We have sponsors, but mostly we pay for the show out-of-pocket—and those pockets aren't deep. So we encourage all of our listeners to think of themselves as subscribers, and to contribute what they can to help keep the show going.

If you'd like to show your support for Soonish you can do it at Patreon, the service that lets fans support podcasters and other creators with a per-episode (or per-song, per-comic, or per-whatever) donation.

The fine folks listed here helped us to reach our initial Patreon fundraising goal of $250 per episode, and are therefore the Pioneer Members of the Soonish Future Force Hall of Fame. We could not be more grateful for their early and faithful support!


Paul and Patricia Roush

Celia Ramsay

Kent Rasmussen

Christine Brail

Victor and Ruth McElheny

Mark Pelofsky

Graham Ramsay

Jean-Jaques DeGroof

John Diniz

Gregory Huang

Julianne Zimmerman

Deborah Rossum

Daniel Imrie-Situnayake

Tamar Avishai

Kiran Wagle

Lynn Rozental

Jamie Roush

Andy Hrycyna

Bob Mason


Now we're moving on to our next goal of $500 per episode. At that level, donors will be covering the basic technology costs of the show: Web and audio hosting, recording equipment, transcription services, editing software, and the like. Pledge now and add your name to the next group of supporters here at the Hall of Fame!