A Video Letter to New Podcasters

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 5.56.56 PM.png

This summer my friend Rachel Kremen got in touch to say that she's been hired to teach an introductory science journalism class at Rutgers University. She asked if I'd be willing to record a short video for her students talking about Soonish, how I make the show, and what it's like to be a podcaster.

I said I'd be happy to share a few insights and tips, given that I've benefited so much myself from the wisdom of my betters in the audio community. I talked about how I find story ideas, how I capture and edit audio, how to structure audio stories, what it's like to make my own podcast, and more. (For even more background on Soonish and how it came to be, check out this BostonVoyager interview.)

Here's the finished video!