VIDEO: Meet Three of the Twelve Tomorrows Authors

The MIT Press Bookstore hosted a standing-room-only crowd for a special June 5 event featuring three of the authors who contributed to the 2018 edition of Twelve Tomorrows: Elizabeth Bear, Lisa Huang, and Ken Liu. (They're also featured in Soonish 2.08: Sci-Fi That Takes Science Seriously.)

Twelve Tomorrows is an anthology of original hard science fiction stories commissioned by MIT Technology Review, edited by me, and published by the MIT Press. This full video from the event includes readings from the book by Huang ("The Woman Who Destroyed Us"), Liu ("Byzantine Empathy"), and Bear ("Okay, Glory"). It also includes a panel discussion about the contrasts between hard science fiction and other forms of science fiction, and Q&A with the audience.

Many thanks to my guests and to the staff of the MIT Press Bookstore, including John Jenkins and Jeremy Solomons. Thanks also to videographer Joseph Fridman.

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